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Selecting the best competitive gaming monitor. This is because there are genuinely better options than others. In addition to the fact that selecting the appropriate resolution and refresh rate requires careful consideration. Furthermore, choosing the ideal gaming monitor for work, play, and other purposes is crucial since it will serve as the focal point of your system for a considerable number of years.

Naturally, though, when terms are flying at you from all directions, it may seem a bit overwhelming.  

Because of this, we’ve made an effort to avoid using as much jargon as possible in this post so you can decide wisely without being bombarded with technical terms.

Best competitive gaming monitor

Discover criteria for evaluating a gaming display and our top-rated models; we’ve written in-depth analyses of the greatest panels available.

Whether you’re an avid PC gamer or just a weekend warrior, the quality of your display hardware makes all the difference between winning and losing. 

In addition to a gaming PC with a strong graphics card, you’ll need a monitor that can render the action without causing you to see blurry images, flicker, tearing, or other motion artifacts.

Best budget gaming monitor for laptop   

Best competitive gaming monitor for PS5: Alienware 34-inch AW3423DW

Best competitive gaming monitor
Best competitive gaming monitor

While OLED technology isn’t as prevalent in gaming monitors as it is in gaming TVs, it is gradually making a significant comeback. 

Utilizing Samsung’s innovative QD-OLED technology to its full potential, the Alienware AW3423DW 34-inch gaming display is the best competitive gaming monitor and the most aesthetically pleasing gaming monitor ever produced. 

Because of this, it has wider viewing angles, richer colors, and more contrast than any LCD display, regardless of quality. This device maintains brightness levels well above 1,000 nits at its highest setting.

Although its resolution isn’t normal for an ultrawide curved monitor, at 3440*1440 and 34 inches, it offers a ton of screen area with excellent detail.  

While less as demanding as native 4K, playing games natively with high-resolution settings will still require a good graphics card. With its 0.1ms reaction time, you can be sure that even in the fastest-paced games, there won’t be any ghosting because of its high refresh rate of 175Hz.

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Best competitive gaming monitor for Xbox series x: The Odyssey G7 series from Samsung

A top-tier gaming monitor and the best competitive gaming monitor is the 32-inch Samsung Odyssey G7 Series display. It has a 1000R panel, which mimics the curvature of the human eye. With 1.7 times the pixel density of Full HD, this gadget offers WQHD resolution. 

Because of the device’s quick 240 Hz refresh rate, even the fastest-paced games will play smoothly. A reaction time of only one millisecond is also supported by the monitor. The display can synchronize the frames from graphics cards from both sides because it supports both Nvidia G-SYNC and FreeSync Premium Pro.

In 2023, one of the greatest high refresh rate gaming monitors available is the 32-inch Samsung Odyssey G7 Series display.  

With a pricing that is comparatively better than most of its competitors, it appears to be one of the most well-rounded monitors available for competitive gaming because of its high 240Hz refresh rate, respectable reaction time, and sufficient HDR options. In some situations, this also includes its 27-inch sister with identical specifications.

It covers gamers for VRR thanks to support for both FreeSync Premium Pro and GSync’s basic version. 

Given its 2K resolution, it doesn’t appear completely out of place when used as one of the bigger gaming monitors that the team took into consideration. Nevertheless, it totally omits music, providing just a headphone port for audio sent over HDMI, necessitating the purchase of a specialized gaming headset.

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Best budget gaming monitor for ps4 this year!   

Best FPS gaming monitor: Alienware AW2721D from Dell

A large portion of us gamers don’t have the most sophisticated computers, so for us, the 27-inch best competitive gaming monitor Alienware performs quite well. It combines the best color accuracy and fastest reaction time of any monitor we tested.

Purchasing a powerful 1440p monitor is your best bet if you don’t like ultrawide panels and your computer can’t support a 4K resolution. Regarding out-of-the-box image quality and responsiveness, Dell’s Alienware AW2721D stood out among the monitors we investigated and evaluated.  

It is better than the majority of 1440p screens that use the subpar HDR 400 standard since it is an HDR 600-certified panel, which allows greater peak brightness to deal with and necessitates some level of local dimming capability.

With a DeltaE of 2.19 for our sRGB test and 1.05 for our DCI-P3 test, out of the box, this 27-inch, 240Hz IPS display performed admirably in our color accuracy testing. Part of the reason for this is the monitor’s strong grayscale accuracy; if we only look at the DeltaE average for colors on the sRGB version of our test, its score of 3.34 is a little higher than what we’d like to see.  

Nevertheless, neither a sRGB clamp nor a setting that would limit the monitor’s color gamut are included with it. Given its broader default gamut, certain deviations are therefore expected. The display may occasionally seem somewhat more saturated, but this isn’t a major problem.

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Best gaming monitor 4k M32UC Gigabyte

Best competitive gaming monitor
Best competitive gaming monitor

With the Gigabyte M32UC, multiplatform gamers seeking a high-performance 32-inch gaming monitor for 4K at 144Hz gaming will have plenty to be thankful for. This is a wonderful-looking monitor with satisfactory performance that makes it worth buying on its own. 

The HDR400 support is decent, but nothing exceptional. It has a good number of connectors and other helpful features, as well as a speedy pixel response time and superb color gamut coverage.

The built-in speakers here are barely enough for the task, so don’t expect much. All serious gamers, however, will already own a good headset or speakers. 

In addition, the KVM system is a great feature for gamers who want to be able to manage their phone or tablet while playing games. You also get two HDMI connectors, one Display Port, and tons of USB possibilities.

One of the best competitive gaming monitors available today is obtained when you take into account the exceptional value offered by this type of curved display. Just remember to adjust it before usage.

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AOC Agon 34-Inch CU34G2X best gaming monitor for PS5

With its outstanding specs sheet, the AOC Agon CU34G2X illustrates the best competitive gaming monitor that ultrawide gaming monitors don’t have to be so expensive. 

This 34-inch gaming monitor has an enhanced 1440p resolution and a refresh rate of 144Hz, which gives it the sweet spot between looking and performing better than 1080p game displays without taxing your system as much as a full 4K panel. 

Additionally, it offers a large screen area for gaming and streaming with your chat window open on the side, or you may utilize it for an entirely immersive experience.

Because of its great natural contrast ratio and minimal input lag, this monitor is suitable for competitive gaming. It also becomes bright enough for daytime gaming. Dark blacks rather than greys are to be expected. This isn’t a fantastic monitor for HDR gaming, either, as it lacks local dimming and has limited extra HDR brightness.

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Best Budget Gaming Monitor for Xbox Series S   

Best competitive gaming monitor: Acer VG280K Nitro

The Acer Nitro VG280K, which retails for £350/$282 and has a 28-inch 4K display, is a powerful device. It has HDR capabilities as well as AMD’s FreeSync technology, which is great for balancing out erratic frame rates on PCs and Xboxes. 

Regrettably, the set’s 300 nits of brightness limits how powerful the HDR impact can be. Because it has an IPS panel, which allows for superb color reproduction with 90% of the DCI P3 color space and 100% of the more widely used sRGB gamut, we really appreciate this monitor. 

For color-sensitive tasks like film production or picture modification, this makes it a great option. Strong viewing angles are another feature and input latency is comparable to that of other monitors with this refresh rate.


What is the No. 1 gaming monitor in the world?

LG UltraGear 38GN950 is the No. 1 gaming monitor in the world

What gaming monitor do esports use?

The ROGSwiftPro #PG248QP is a gaming monitor do esports uses.

Is 144Hz good enough for competitive gaming?

144 Hz and 110–140 PPI can work better if you play in a competitive league.

What is the best 1440p monitor for competitive gaming?

ASUS ROG Swift OLED PG27AQDM is the best 1440p monitor for competitive gaming.

Is 240Hz better than 144Hz?

240 Hz is 70% quicker than a display operating at 144 Hz.

What monitor do FPS pros use?

The ZOWIE XL line is a monitor do FPS pros use.

Is 144Hz enough for esports?

Yes, it should, If you are an avid online gamer or have entered the world of Esports, you should invest in a 144Hz monitor, or the fastest display you can buy.






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