How to Become a Solar Panel Installer

You may determine if this is the right career choice for you by finding out how to become a solar panel installer since you may have transferrable abilities from your training and experience that will help you be successful as a solar installation. In this article, we’ll talk about what this job entails, how to get into it, what qualifications you’ll need, and some advice on how to do it.


How to become a solar panel installer

The market for solar energy is expanding quickly. Numerous brand-new solar installers are joining the sector as a result of amazing prospects.

If you search for “How to become a solar panel installer?”, you should know that even though installers normally require a high school diploma, some enroll in technical or community college courses. Installers often undergo up to a year of on-the-job training.

Because there is a learning curve associated with the solar installation procedure, as there is with most things. However, following these recommendations helps in keeping projects on track and within budget. 

Additionally, avoiding particular hazards might improve your reputation and enhance sales. Let’s look at them so you can steer clear of typical errors when beginning your career as a solar energy professional.

Solar panel installer job description

Solar panel installer will be assembled, installed, and maintained by the solar photovoltaic installer.

Solar installer job description for resume

How to become a solar panel installer and what are their Responsibilities?

  • Solar panel assembly and installation on buildings’ roofs.
  • PV systems are configured depending on site circumstances, client requirements, and expectations; panels are connected to the electrical grid.
  • When erecting panels and support structures, adhere to construction regulations and rules.
  • Examines the wiring and electrical system.
  • Ensures systems are functioning within appropriate power limitations by calibrating and testing operational voltages.
  • Ensures that the equipment is weatherproof.
  • Performs standard upkeep on PV installations.
  • Does further relevant tasks as required.

Solar panel installer salary

After we discussed the phrase How to become a solar panel installer, let us take a look at the average salary at present.

The base pay for a Solar Installer ranges from $65,060 to $97,301, with an average base pay of $78,666. The range of total cash pay, which includes base salary and yearly incentives, is $65,156 to $97,301, with an average total cash compensation of $79,319 each year.

Solar panel installer training

The easiest approach to knowing how to become a solar panel installer and learn how to work in the solar sector is to enroll in solar installation training programs, which will enable you to apply for jobs and start working right away.

Solar installation training may cost between $2,000 and $5,000 depending on the program. However, financial aid through scholarships is often quite available.

The greatest sources for solar energy training are NABCEP and SEI, which provide both online and classroom courses. Although NABCEP does not directly offer courses or training, it does so through its ARTPs and RTPs.

The subjects covered in solar installation courses will include, but not be limited to:

  • Size of a solar system.
  • Solar system sizing.
  • Integrating solar battery storage.

Solar panel installer jobs

How to become a solar panel installer? There are several paths one may take to become a solar panel installer. You can obtain the required certifications by finishing a college course or an apprenticeship. If you already have the required qualifications, you might apply for a job directly with an employer.

To choose which path to become a solar panel installer is best for you, you should investigate them all. Many businesses are interested in persons who are motivated, willing to learn, and can follow directions, even though certain possibilities have specific qualification criteria. 

How to become a solar panel installer by college or training facility

By finishing an NVQ or SVQ course in Electrical Installation, you might acquire the knowledge and abilities you need to work as a solar panel installer in college. 

You might pursue training in solar panel installation through a specialized course once you have obtained your electrical installation certification. 

Solar installer apprenticeship

By finishing an intermediate electrical installation apprenticeship, you might train to become a solar panel installer. This will take about two years to finish and will allow you to continue to an advanced degree or focus on installing solar panels.

Any person who is at least sixteen years old is qualified for an apprenticeship. You will have a full-time job with a firm as an apprentice, and you must put in at least 30 hours each week. Your time will be split between attending school or a training center and receiving on-the-job training.

Solar photovoltaic installers education

You might be able to obtain employment as an electrician’s friend, assistant, or trainee electrician if you have certain GCSEs (or equivalent), especially English and arithmetic, along with solid practical abilities. Your business could provide financial assistance for your training to earn your complete certification, after which you might pursue more education and be specialized in solar panel installation. 

How to become a solar panel installer: Working knowledge (experience)

A position requires a prior work history. You may learn this at school, or by working on the weekends and during vacations for a business or a relative that installs solar panels. The presence of job experience on your CV will make any potential employer delighted.

How to become a solar panel installer (PAA)

How can I learn how to install solar panels in Canada?

A 2-year technical diploma or comparable program, or an equal amount of trades training and experience, is often required for solar installers.

Does Florida require a license for the installation of solar panels?

Yes, for all solar contractors working in Florida, a license is necessary. 

How much do solar panel installers make in the UK?

In the UK, the typical solar installation earns £35,000 a year, or £17.95 an hour. 

How much does a solar installer earn in Canada?

In Canada, the typical solar installation makes $44,850 a year, or $23 an hour.

Are solar installers in demand in Canada?

Yes, it’s safe to predict that solar energy will be used to power Canada in the future. 

What is the best certification for solar energy?

Photovoltaic System Installation Certification (PVSI) is the best certification for solar energy.

What is the best degree for solar panels UK?

In the UK, a solar panel should be oriented south and inclined at a 35-degree inclination from the horizontal to maximize energy collection.





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