Best budget Asus gaming monitor

What is the best budget monitor for gaming and photo editing?

At every level of post-production, the best budget monitor for gaming and photo editing gives high-resolution and high-accuracy color reproduction.

The quality of the image is crucial whether you are making a movie, providing marketing materials, or putting together a project for your YouTube channel. Even on the most modest of projects, audiences today want post-production of Hollywood standards. Therefore the best video editing monitors are all that are needed to deliver color-accurate presentations. 

Best budget monitor for gaming and photo editing 

Best budget Asus gaming monitor
Best budget Asus gaming monitor

The best budget monitor for gaming and photo editing is very necessary to you whether you’re a professional video editor using the best PC for video editing, creating content on one of the best laptops for video editing and need some extra screen space, or using one of the best workstation PCs in the business, what you see on the screen should match up perfectly with your final export.

The greatest monitor for video editing will be designed to display each pixel in each frame, whether you’re creating your initial rough cut for a Cannes submission or color grading your most recent commercial. These color-accurate monitors not only produce vivid details that fully realize your vision, but they also allow for more relaxed, creative workflows without the need to wait around for long project approval processes.

To find the studio-quality displays that provide the most striking visual effects, we’ve performed in-depth tests on the best monitors for video editing. Brightness, construction quality, color ranges and reproduction, screen ratios, pixel densities, and other factors have all been carefully examined throughout our thorough testing and assessment.  

From the initial preview to the final export, we evaluated a wide range of display resolutions and screen sizes to satisfy every demand and budget. Check out our compilation of the top monitors in every category for even more monitor suggestions.

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Best budget monitor for gaming and photo editing under $500 from ViewSonic VP2785-4K

The ViewSonic VP2785-4K monitor delivers professional-level color fidelity, making it the ideal display for photographers, graphic designers, video editors, and content creators. 

It provides a true alphabet soup of features and specifications that every photo professional seeks, including a superior color palette of 4.39 trillion colors and screen-wide 100% coverage of the Adobe RGB, EBU, SMPTE-C, Rec. 709, and DICOM-SIM color spaces. 

Furthermore, inbuilt color uniformity makes sure that color and brightness are constant throughout the almost infinite display.

Additionally, you have access to 6-axis color enhancement which enables you to manually modify each of the six main colors—red, yellow, green, cyan, blue, and magenta. The monitor has fine-tuning for hue and saturation which produces an adjustable color profile.  

The monitor supports HDR10 for a fully immersive viewing experience while showing video. 16:9 aspect ratio, 1,000:1 static contrast resolution, and 20M:1 dynamic contrast ratio are all included. You also have access to a variety of connections that make it simple to connect to laptops, desktops, and other devices. An anti-glare coating is included on the surface panel.

For price:

Best budget monitor for gaming and photo editing Xbox series x Pbmiiprx Acer Nitro XF243Y 

The Acer Nitro XF243Y Pbmiiprx is a basic and affordable monitor that you may use with your Xbox Series X. It features a 24-inch screen and a 1080p resolution, thus visuals are less detailed. 

Additionally, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t the best budget monitor for gaming and photo editing option for co-op gaming, but it has fantastic ergonomics and broad viewing angles that make it possible to share the screen with a companion seated next to you.

Although its general motion handling isn’t as outstanding, it is still a fantastic gaming monitor and has a fantastic reaction time at 120Hz.  

At least its VRR functionality cooperates with the Xbox to lessen screen tearing, even though it is worse at 60Hz with VRR enabled due to overshoot that results in inverted ghosting. Better motion handling at 60Hz may also be achieved by disabling VRR, however, games without set frame rates may have screen tearing as a result. 

It is most compatible with 1080p signals coming from the Xbox at 60Hz and 120Hz, although it can still downscale 4k and 1440p pictures at 60Hz.

For price:

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Asus’ ProArt PA32DC Best budget monitor for

gaming and photo editing PS5

The flagship display from Asus, the ProArt PA32DC, has incredible image quality and a ton of features. 

A 4K OLED display is present on the Asus ProArt PA32DC. It is one of the few 4K OLED displays available, and unlike less costly OLED monitors, it has an OLED panel type with a conventional RGB subpixel structure that won’t affect Windows computers’ image quality.

Although switching to OLED results in a fantastic contrast ratio, color performance is more likely to grab the attention of picture editors.  

This monitor is capable of displaying 100% sRGB, 99% DCI-P3, and 98% Adobe RGB. We haven’t tested a monitor that performs better than it in both DCI-P3 and Adobe RGB, though there are a couple that can.

This monitor’s distinctive design includes a built-in carrying handle, and screw-on legs that may be used in place of the monitor’s height-adjustable stand when it is being transported. Professional photographers that need to edit on-site will love it. 

Additionally a USB-C monitor, this one offers 65 watts of Power Delivery for charging connected devices as well as DisplayPort Alternate Mode.

The Asus ProArt PA32DC is pricey at $3,499 (USD). Most picture editors don’t require this degree of performance, but if you require virtually perfect color, this monitor is great.

The best monitor for photo editing and gaming Dell UltraSharp 27-inch

Best budget Asus gaming monitor
Best budget Asus gaming monitor

The Dell UltraSharp 27-inch 4K monitor produces outstanding color and contrast with a contrast ratio of 2,000:1, making it one of the first in the market to utilize IPS Black technology. The display supports VESA Certified DisplayHDR 400 and features a 1.07 billion color gamut with:

  • 100% sRBG
  • 100% Rec
  • 709, 98% DCI-P3
  • 100% sRBG compatibility

Additionally, you get an incredibly thin bezel with the flexibility to tilt, rotate, and pivot the display between portrait and landscape modes. The height may be adjusted up to 5.9 inches, or you can benefit from the 178-degree viewing angle.

This display, which also has a picture-in-picture capability, can be adjusted to match your demands whether you’re multitasking or watching video content (with HDR support). Depending on the operating system and programs you use, you may completely personalize the display using the Dell Display Manager tool. The anti-glare coating on the screen is something else we like.

For price:

The best budget gaming monitor 4k is the LG DualUp 28MQ780-B.

The widescreen (16:9) aspect ratio of most displays is not necessarily the best for picture editing. Portrait shots are typically significantly taller than they are broad, and many photos are at least as tall as they are wide.

The LG DualUp 28MQ780-B Best budget monitor for gaming and photo editing comes into play. This 28-inch monitor has a 16:18 aspect ratio with a resolution of 2560*2880. 

Additionally, it incorporates a monitor arm that enables a 90-degree rotation of the screen for an 18:16 aspect ratio. Given that it offers more vertical pixels than a 5K or 4K widescreen monitor, this is a superior option for portrait shots.

Additionally, the LG DualUp 28MQ780-B does well in terms of color. Its color gamut covers 100% of sRGB, 96% of DCI-P3, and 90% of Adobe RGB, and it has excellent color accuracy.

For charging a connected laptop or device, LG has a USB-C connector with DisplayPort Alternate Mode and 90 watts of Power Delivery. Two upstream USB-A ports are connected to the USB-C port to create a USB-C hub.

For price:

Best monitor for video editing and color correction: XDR Apple Pro Display

There is no way to avoid the Apple ecosystem if you want the best picture editing monitor that is designed specifically for the Mac. 

Yes, at $5,000 without mounting gear, this display is ridiculously pricey, but when combined with its 6K resolution, VESA HDR1000 capability, 100% DCI-P3 coverage, and ludicrous 1600 nit peak brightness, it ranks among the greatest picture and video editing displays available.

These, however, aren’t the key justification for our designation as “Best for Mac Lovers.” That distinction belongs to the Pro Display XDR due to both its very Apple-like look and its perfect interaction with its mother operating system.

Since the display has no controls of any kind, all of its settings are managed through the macOS Display settings. From there, you can modify scale, alter brightness, set options like “Night Shift” and “True Tone,” and choose from a variety of presets Apple included in the display, including:

  • Photography
  • HDR
  • Digital Cinema
  • Design & Print

The Pro Display XDR Best budget monitor for gaming and photo editing 

is the greatest option for those who like to play within Apple’s walled garden, even though it may not be the finest display for photographers and picture editors overall—especially if HDR or video editing is not your thing.

PAA | Best budget monitor for gaming and photo editing:

Which monitor is best for gaming and video editing?

ViewSonic VP2785-4K is the best monitor for gaming and video editing.

Can I use a gaming monitor for editing?

Yes, you can use a gaming monitor for editing.

Is IPS or OLED better for photo editing?

IPS is known more about OLED, but both are good.






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