Why Is Solar Power Popular?  5 Advantages and Disadvantages

Why is solar power popular? Solar energy holds the key to a clean energy future and is essential to our society’s decarbonization. The sun produces significantly more energy each day than is required to power the entire planet. But is that the sole factor contributing to its appeal? So, to find the best answer, we have to read this topic.


Why is solar power popular?

The need to transition to renewable energy is growing as catastrophic battles are waged over the planet’s finite resources. Despite being in existence for many years, usage of solar electricity has lately increased. When we ask why is solar power popular? Let’s examine the several factors contributing to solar energy’s rising global popularity.

Advantages and disadvantages of solar energy

Why is solar power popular today? The following are the main advantages of solar energy and the drawbacks that we have outlined:

5 importance of solar energy

We will need to consume less fossil fuels as we are able to harness more solar energy. By setting up a solar energy system at your home, you might gain these advantages from solar energy:

1. Why solar energy is important for future? A renewable energy source that lowers carbon emissions is solar energy

Since solar energy is a renewable resource, you can always consume more of it. Solar power is clean energy. It does not produce any “greenhouse” gases that trap heat, such as carbon dioxide.

It prevents environmental harm that results from drilling or mining for fossil fuels. In contrast to power facilities that utilize steam turbines to produce electricity, solar energy needs little or no water.

2. Solar power can lower your household’s electricity costs

Your home’s solar energy system can help you save money on your power bill and lessen your dependency on the grid. It’s even possible that some homeowners with solar energy systems have additional energy they could sell to the utility.

Homeowners receive payment from the utility instead of paying for power. To reduce your home’s electricity costs, you might not need to purchase a whole solar energy system. Simply choose solar lights, which are lighted by the sun rather than your home’s electrical system, to help you save money.

3. Why is solar power popular in the world? Through Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs), using solar energy can save you money

Some states offer solar renewable energy certificates (SREC). One megawatt-hour of solar electricity is represented by each.

Electricity providers purchase these certificates to meet the Renewable Portfolio Standard established by their state which mandates that a specific proportion of their renewable energy come from solar. Another method to profit from your investment is to sell SRECs for the output of your system.

4. Why is solar energy usage growing in popularity for generating power for homes?

A property’s value may rise if solar panels are added. Installing solar panels on a house will undoubtedly raise the cost. The money gained from selling excess power back to the utility and the decrease in electricity prices both go in the positive column when considering the benefits and drawbacks of solar energy.

Solar energy systems for homes are quite valuable and can raise a home’s market value. Up to $15,000 more may be paid for a house with solar panels than one without.

5. Why is solar power popular today? Solar panels have low maintenance costs

When investing in solar panels, it might be simple to receive your money’s worth due to their low maintenance requirements and average lifespan of 25 years.

Drawbacks of Solar Energy

As the industry grows and evolves, resulting in economies of scale, the disadvantages of solar energy are becoming less significant. Technology developments are helping solar become more widely used.

But despite the question about why solar power popular? However, this does not mean that it has some defects at present, which may be as follows:

1. Cost

A solar power system requires a sizable initial investment to be acquired. This includes the price of the solar panels, inverter, batteries, wiring, and installation. The cost of solar energy is expected to decline in the future, though, as the technology is always evolving.

2. Dependent on Weather

On days with clouds and precipitation, solar energy may still be collected, but the solar system is less effective. Sunlight is required for solar panels to effectively capture solar energy.

3. The Cost of Solar Energy Storage

Solar energy must be utilized immediately unless it is stored in huge batteries. Off-grid solar systems that employ these batteries may be charged throughout the day to utilize the energy at night. This is a great alternative for continually utilizing solar energy, despite the high cost.

4. Takes Up a Lot of Room

You will need additional solar panels to create more power since you want to capture as much sunshine as you can.

5. Connected to Pollution

Solar energy can be linked to pollution, even though it is far less than that caused by other energy sources. Transportation and the construction of solar power systems have both been connected to the production of greenhouse gases.

Additionally, several dangerous and poisonous substances are utilized in the production of solar photovoltaic systems, which may have an indirect negative impact on the environment. However, solar energy generates a lot less pollution than other alternative energy sources.


Why is solar energy so popular?

In order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and combat climate change, so solar energy is crucial and so popular.

Why is solar power the best?

Because it is a clean, renewable source of energy.

Is solar energy the most popular?

Yes, solar energy is the most popular.

Is solar energy becoming popular?

Yes, solar energy is becoming more popular.

Where is solar most popular?

Solar is most popular in China 33%, America 16%, Japan 9%, India 6% and Germany 5%.

How effective is solar energy?

The average efficiency of household solar panels is roughly 20%.

Why are solar panels sustainable?

When working, do not release greenhouse gases or air pollution.












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